Front Sight

Concealed Carry Training: Making Criminals Cower in Fear

Many criminals carry firearms, but you can be sure they never received concealed carry training of any kind. Many criminals carry firearms, but you can be sure most of them don't own the firearms legally. Many criminals carry firearms, and you can be sure than none of them want you to be armed or trained. That's why Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is so intent upon delivering the finest gun training to anyone and everyone.

In addition to that, the founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, wants to set the example of what a crime-free, violence-free town would look that. How does Dr. Piazza intend to do this? Well, all it takes is a look at the newspapers. Icon magazine covered Dr. Piazza's idea to set the example for a safe town: a gun town.

Dr. Piazza intends to convert Front Sight Firearms Training Institute into Front Sight, Nevada, the world's first luxury community based on gun training. The firearms training that will be at the fingertips of the citizens of Front Sight will make them all the safest gun users in the world. In addition to that, the knowledge that every resident in the town not only is fully trained in the use of firearms but also is likely armed, will deter any criminal from thinking of assaulting or harming anyone there.

So we see Dr. Piazza's response to the fact that criminals carry firearms: arm the would-be victims. If citizens are fully armed and receive gun training that empowers them, criminals don't stand a chance. Front Sight's firearms training includes concealed carry training, and as such, citizens will know how to carry a weapon and draw it quickly. Concealed carry training turns any citizen into a defense powerhouse. With firearms training, and especially concealed carry training, Front Sight will be the safest town in the world.

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