Front Sight

Front Sight Promises To Be the Ultimate in Firearms Training

Firearms Training is a subject which is riddled with assumptions, presumptions and false data. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is doing its best to prevent the spread of the negative aspects of firearms training. Some of the assumptions in the subject of firearms training hearken back to when firearms training was nothing more than learning how a gun reacted and worked with experience from hunting. The assumption that everyone would know how to use a firearm stems from the deeper assumption that everyone owns a firearm. And this was an assumption for a very long time, especially in America. Before the revolution, and for many years after that, it was expected to see people with guns. Gun training was simply the practice one had in hunting.

Nowadays it is uncommon to see a man with a gun. In fact, unless the person is a security guard or a police officer, seeing a gun in public frightens most Americans. Gun training, because it was never formalized or accepted as a standard aspect of life, became unusual. Because gun training became unusual, seeing guns, and firing guns became scary. We have reached a point where seeing a gun is frightening, because there is no firearms training available to teach us how not scary guns are!

But Front Sight, the nation's largest gun training school is working against that mindset. Front Sight takes in people from all over America, training more students annually than all other firearms training schools in America combined. And Front Sight doesn't train neo-Nazis or redneck weirdos bent on taking over the government. Front Sight trains average joes. Doctors, professors, contractors, plumbers, students, lawyers, Front Sight has trained them all! More and more people are realizing that guns need to be less scary and they need to get gun training to make them so. Front Sight is delivering the firearms training that people are demanding.

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