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The Second Amendment: Not the Right to Lion or Tiger Arms: the Right to Bear Arms

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, former chiropractor and founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is pretty clear about his stance on gun control: “The criminals are laughing at the legislators [who are trying to pass] anti-gun laws.” he says scornfully. “The criminals are never going to follow them!” This makes sense, doesn’t it? Why would a law-breaking citizen suddenly abide by laws restricting firearms? We have laws making murder, rape, larceny and armed robbery illegal, and yet this doesn’t stop criminals from committing these crimes, why should we suspect that a criminal would suddenly abide by a law concerning guns, his most effective method of committing all the other crimes he already commits?

Imagine a world where all guns were illegal, allowed only to the police and the military; also, gun training is illegal as well. (Don’t imagine it too hard, I can feel Dr. Piazza and all the residents of Front Sight shuddering.) For the sake of argument, we shall say nothing of the absolutely horrendous impacts this would have upon the people’s ability to have a militia in the event of needing to perform a revolution (which is, by the way, the purpose of the Second Amendment). Let us take that example and apply it only to the crime scene that is America.

Law-abiding citizens would not own firearms. No one would have gun training. Men, women and children across America would have no way of defending themselves against anyone who might happen to have an illegally obtained firearm. And this is definitely possible: criminals get access to illegal guns and black market firearms today, it’s easily predictable that criminals of this imaginary tomorrow would find access to guns and gun training.

At that point, trained criminals would have nothing stopping them from using their gun training and firearms against law-abiding citizens without gun training and guns. This IS what would happen if guns and gun training were illegal. THIS is what Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Firearms Training Institute are fighting against. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight are well on the way to giving all Americans priceless, invaluable gun training, and all Americans should be made well aware of their actions.

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