Front Sight

Handgun Training Taken To an All New Level

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the nation's largest gun training school; Front Sight delivers firearms training to more students every year than all other firearms training schools in America combined. Front Sight's extensive training line-up includes, but is definitely not limited to, defensive handgun training, special pistol training, rifle training, shotgun training, concealed carry training, unarmed and armed and survival training for many different wilderness environments.

Handgun training is what most people think of first when they think of firearms training. Front Sight understands that, it's the very reason that Front Sight's handgun training unlike anything else in the gun training industry. There are numerous courses available for any student of any expertise level, ranging from 1-day courses to week-long, intensive training courses. Whether a student is a novice looking to up their skill level to intermediate, or an expert who wants to truly become a master, Front Sight has the instructors and courses to teach you what you need to know.

Some of the wins people have with Front Sight's firearms training are incredible. In addition to showing what a stellar program Front Sight has, the wins also show the range of students Front Sight hosts. People from all walks of life take courses at Front Sight.

"Without question Front Sight covers more ground than any other comparable course civilian, military or law enforcement. The level of proficiency that the average students attain far exceeds the standards expected of military professionals. The material covered and proficiency levels achieved at Front Sight surpasses anything I experienced in over 20 years of military service."

Tim Lynch, Retired Marine Officer

"Engage the real world by being alert for yourself and family. Learn safe and constructive ways to stay alert and face fear rather than panic."

Linda L. Hinze, High School Teacher

"Fantastic! Stupendous! Every time I step foot on Front Sight property I learn something new. As a firearms instructor, I have found that the most knowledgeable and dedicated instructor cadre in the business can be found at Front Sight. When I am asked about other training schools, the first words out of my mouth are Front Sight!"

Robert Tippit, Police Firearms Instructors

"This is the most fun and most instructive day I have spent in a very long time. All of Front Sight's instructors are professional and well spoken, delivering their lessons with crispness and precision. The submachine gun course was interesting, educational, and most importantly, a lot of fun!"

Charles Haase, Economics Professor

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