Front Sight

Rifle Training is Getting a Facelift

Imagine a town where firearms training is what everyone not only participates in, but expects of everyone else – handgun training, shotgun training and rifle training. Imagine a town where gun training is normal, and so is seeing someone walking down the street with a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol strapped to their hip. Could such a town exist? Yes. It could exist because the more gun training people get, the safer guns are to them.

Firearms training isn't scary, though it is often made out to be. Rifle training, handgun training, shotgun training, they're all forms of self defense training. And when it comes to armed (or unarmed) self defense training, you want to learn from the best. That's where Front Sight Firearms Training Institute comes in. Front Sight is the best. Every year, Front Sight delivers gun training to more students than all other shooting schools in the nation combined.

So why does this matter? Why dream up a town where firearms training is normal and everyone is a gun aficionado? Because the founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, has decided that such a town will become reality. Dr. Piazza, a former California chiropractor, has decided that a 550-acre plot of land south of Las Vegas, Nevada, will become the new site of Front Sight, the safest town in the world – and the first ever gun town.

Dr. Piazza intends to evolve his firearms training facility into a luxury, world-class residential community, where handgun training, rifle training and shotgun training will be available to all the residents, and where students can come and realize that gun training makes it possible for people to live with guns safely. Want to sign up? Who wouldn't? Front Sight is the name, Dr. Piazza is the man to contact if such a town is also your dream town.

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