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Self Defense Training with what?

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This article about Front Sight in Icon magazine reminds me of college. During my stay at college, there were many things drilled into us. They told us about drugs and alcohol, why not to use them and how to recognize someone who was in danger of over-dose. Seminars were given about sex and sexual assault and harassment, what it means to be responsible, what to fear, how to be a responsible sexual partner, and why to wait. Seminars were also given on self defense training, what to watch for, what to be aware of, how to be ready in a dangerous situation and all sorts of useful data about being responsible for one’s own body and wellbeing.

How interesting that the college – a place of higher learning and understanding – took the position that with more data and with more training an individual becomes more responsible and capable. The college knew that with data about drugs, alcohol, sex and self defense training, we students would be more responsible people, capable of being in charge of the subject matter (drugs, alcohol, sex and our bodies).

Self defense training is an interesting matter, especially if you speak with Dr. Ignatius Piazza, who in this article is made out to be a staunch gun enthusiast. Clearly, Piazza is under the impression that gun training and firearms training can equal self defense training. And why shouldn’t it? If a person is attacking you with a firearm, isn’t the best self defense training one would want under his or her belt be firearms training? Then one would know how guns work, what to expect from a particular firearm, or what to expect a shooter to do or react to.

Self defense training is something that anyone from any walk of life can agree on the need for, self defense training in the form of gun training is the same way. Why wouldn’t everyone be interested in learning about firearms (especially at Front Sight, with Dr. Piazza), especially when the Second Amendment of our Constitution clearly expects us, as Americans, to bear arms?

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