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Shotgun Training's About to Get a Whole Lot More Interesting

Shotgun training is something most civilians would probably expect to be left to the "professionals". Civilians most likely assume that since shotguns aren't a part of their daily life, shotgun training doesn't need to be. But Dr. Ignatius Piazza doesn't think so. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight is America's largest firearms training school. Dr. Piazza would be the first to tell anyone that while handgun training and defensive handgun training is very important for anyone to receive, subjects like shotgun training and rifle training can't go overlooked.

Dr. Piazza, a former chiropractor from California, is certainly someone to listen to when it comes to firearms training. Dr. Piazza was merely a gun enthusiast, shooting occasionally at the range, never getting any formal gun training; he had no military or police background. But then, his neighborhood and home were attacked in a random drive-by shooting. Piazza set out, after that, on a mission to learn everything there is to know about firearms training. He started at the very bottom and worked his way up, deciding from the start that he would develop a gun training regimen that could be tailored to anyone of any skill level.

Eventually becoming a Four Weapons Combat Master, one of the most difficult gun training accreditations to achieve, Dr. Ignatius Piazza is a certified master in the use of pistol, special pistol, rifle and shotgun. Obviously, then, shotgun training is something he is strongly in support of. He knows that each factor of his gun training and firearms mastery relies on each of the other aspects, so he knows that shotgun training is just as important as rifle training which is just as important as handgun training. Dr. Piazza knows that anyone who wants to keep themselves safe from guns must receive all the firearms training they can get – including shotgun training.

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